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An aspiring fashion blog business, FlairUp aims to woo their customers with their fabulous style collections and trend-setting posts. After diligent market research and numerous rounds of revisions, we proposed a website design that captures the spirit of the fashion industry with an emphasis of the company's self image, which is a sought-after trend setter in today's highly competitive blogging community.

Follow the visual merchandising principles, we gave plenty of space for the fashion products FlairUp offers, combined with brief yet informative text descriptions that serve as texual guidance for visitors. The trendy features of parallax, animation and easy navigations makes the site more interesting and engaging, on top of the neatly displays of fashion photos, well-written posts, and functional inner links that bring you to the source of the products. With responsive and mobile-friendly interface, visitors will be more engaged than ever with the site.

Highlighted Features

Site Modules

  • About us
  • Featured articles
  • Blog posts
  • User comments
  • Brag sheet
  • Photo galleries
  • Contact form


  • Sticky navigation
  • Unlimited pages
  • Custom made
  • Mobile friendly
  • Paralax effect
  • Animated text

Graphic & Content

  • Logo design
  • Custom images & icons
  • Professional color palette
  • Content write-up


  • Domain name & hosting
  • Site analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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